Banff National Park - Canada's first and oldest national park

This event takes place in Banff National Park, the heart of the Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. Please use this LINK to the Parks Canada website for information about Banff National Park attractions, activities, services, wildlife and safety. Banff National Park has much more to offer than ‘just’ fresh air and world-class scenery – we hope you will enjoy the park’s cultural treasures and discover its natural wonders too.

Town of Banff

A global treasure of natural diversity, beauty, and wildlife, Banff is a place to experience awe-inspiring mountain landscapes and wilderness shaped by natural force over eons. It is a space to give thanks for nature's bounty of small wonders, and a place for personal exploration and discovery.

Enjoy. Connect. Respect.

Banff Facts

  • Banff is located at an elevation of 4,537 feet (1,383 metres) making it the highest town in Canada
  • Banff National Park was established in 1885 as Canada's first National  Park (third in the world)
  • Banff National Park is a Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site
  • Banff National Park has in excess of 1,000 glaciers
  • Banff National Park is home to seven National historic sites